°1991, Mortsel (BE)

Photographer and teacher in and around Antwerp (BE).
RISO-operator at SO-RI.

Also available for hire as an architectural photographer.

︎︎︎ 0032 475 46 57 95
︎︎︎ marnicqroebben@gmail.com
 2020 - 2023

RISO printed publication, published at SO-RI in 2023.

Printed in Black and Fluor. Pink.
19.5x25.5cm, 132 pages.

Inkjet prints mounted on aluminium, framed in oak behind glass.

Exhibited at:

2021.06.19 - 2021.09.19 Out of Office, Noordduinen (Koksijde, BE)

2020.09.05 - 2020.09.27 PhotoTwens 2020, 30CC/Kapel (Leuven, BE)


Oberfläche is a collection of architectural photographs I took in the last couple of years. All the images push you closer to the surface of the architecture, leading you into a narrow field of view.

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RISO printed publication, published at SO-RI in 2021.

20x24cm, 32 pages, printed in Fluorescent Orange, Green and Black.

Four Japanese Castles

On my trips to Japan I noticed something peculiar. A type of architecture kept popping up. Castle-like structures in the image of a Disney movie or a plastic toy store.

I show four of these structures. These photographs are followed up with a text questioning our perception on reality. Both language and photography can deceive us in very similar ways. Our perception of language might also tell us something about our view on the world and the people who live in it.

The odd selection of RISO colours; Fluorescent Orange, Green and Black, add to the surreal nature of the pictures while still staying somewhat true to the colours of these architectural wonders.

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RISO printed publication, to be published at SO-RI.

1 A3-sized folder, printed in Fluorescent Orange and Green.

Are my Feet Photographs of my Sandals?

In this short text and publication I invite you to think about the defining features of photography. What is a photograph, and what is not? How do we define photography?

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RISO printed publication.

16 pages printed in Bright Red and Green.

The Sculpture House

The Sculpture House (La Maison-Sculpture) is a house designed and built by Jacques Gillet, Félix Roulin and René Greisch. In this small risographic publication I invite you to vist the house with me and explore its sculptural dimension.

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2011 - 2012

Laserjet prints, glued together in booklets. Ripped from the booklet and hung on the wall in seperate A4 sized sheets of paper.

3 books on coloured cardboard, framed behind glass.

1 inkjet print, framed behind glass.

Exhibited at:

2012.09.13 - 2012.10.21 Bredaphoto Festival 2012: Homo Empathicus, Breda's Museum (Breda, NL).

2012.03.22 - 2012.03.25 Fernard Baudin Student Publications, Komplot (Brussels, BE).

Empathy and Marxism

Critiques on magnification and iconification in mass politics.

In this installation piece, I try to show what happens when theory and ideas are foresaken in the pursuit of the person in politics. When the person behind the politics becomes more important than the ideas presented, danger arises.

© Marnicq Roebben
Berchem, Antwerp, Belgium