°1991, Mortsel (BE)

Photographer and teacher in and around Antwerp (BE).
RISO-operator at SO-RI.

Also available for hire as an architectural photographer.

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Are my Feet Photographs of my Sandals?


RISO printed publication, published at SO-RI.

1 A3-sized folder, printed in Fluorescent Orange and Green.

The title of this work sounds strangely humouristic, but is in fact meant to make you question what photography actually is. The rather silly question “are my feet sandals photographs of my sandals?” will quite often be disregarded as absurdist humour.

Let's take a closer look though and start by asking the simple question “what is photography?” This and more is dealt with in a text included with the work. The text concludes that photography can be defined as every image that exists because of an imprint made with light as a primary source. The melanin in my feet acts like a the emulsion of a photographic negative, while the shadow of my sandals imprint an image into my feet.

We often think to be familiar with the medium we are working in. But sometimes it doesn't hurt to rethink what we're working with and where these definitions come from. By studying the etymology of the word photography, we can assign way more properties to the medium than we previously thought. By expanding our vision of photography, we also extend the range of things we can do with the medium.

The work will be RISO printed in green and fluorescent orange, and will be presented with a short text on the subject of photography.

© Marnicq Roebben
Berchem, Antwerp, Belgium